Affiliate Links

An affiliate is where, a commission is received by the one whom shares the services or products of a specific company.

All affiliates of “Hungry for Purpose” are those in which I currently use or have used in the past. Through my experience, these providers have all proved to offer and maintain reliable services. If you are to sign up for any of these services through these links provided, I will be gifted with a portion of that sale. This is one way for me to be able to offer my services to you with as low a price as possible. I appreciate your support.

Web Hosting: In order for you to have a website, it needs to be hosted on a server. I recommend BlueHost for their impeccable customer service.


Email marketing/Autoresponder: AWeber is used for email marketing; all emails that I send out are through this service. AWeber enables people who are interested in your information and services to sign up to your list for continued correspondence. This allows you to provide-for and nurture your community of followers.

click here for AWeber –> <–click here for AWeber (affiliate link)

Online Courses: Tribe Writers is an online course by Jeff Goins that teaches you how to find the audience that your writing deserves.

For information on Jeff Goins Tribe writers course

click here –> <– click here (affiliate link)

To sign up for Jeff Goins next Tribe writers course through my affiliate link please click this link –> <–click to register for an amazing online writing course


Create Space: An arm of Amazon for self-publishers…Turning your written work into a physical book for print and distribution on demand.

There are “do-it-yourself” options as well as many services such as book cover design, editing, book layout and so on. Roy Francia is the guy to talk to if you don’t want the headache of doing all the work yourself and would like a hand to get your book put together and ready for sale.

Roy Francia
Senior Publishing Consultant
(843) 225-0843


Twitter teaching

A great resource to teach you Twitter basics is Ruth Snyder’s Kindle book: Learn Twitter: 10 Beginning Steps (Authors’ Social Media Mastery Series)

…and Ruth Snyder’s second book:  Learn Twitter: 10 Intermediate Steps (Authors’ Social Media Mastery Series Book 2)