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If you are interested in having one of the following workshops at your next event , or have an idea for a workshop that I may be able to present for you, please contact me at: 
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Video For Writers
A one day workshop on how to create and incorporate video for promoting the work of a writer (or any artist).
How to launch your Faith driven works into cyberspace: The technology behind building a launching pad for the self-publisher
A one or two day workshop on the basic technology of building a website, blog, facebook authors page & email list
Who is this workshop for? For the faith driven writer who feels lost in the abyss of technology.
This workshop will bring you back to earth if you are drifting away into the galaxy of blogs, websites, social media, email lists etc. After taking a deep breath, the attendee will be walked through the necessary steps to effectively and efficiently present their work to an online audience. A mock marketing launching pad will be built right before your very eyes. These writers will be transformed into modern day authors as they become equipped with knowledge in basic technology setup.
Staying On The Bandwagon
No sooner than someone jumps on a bandwagon do they often find themselves falling off. Setting goals is a way of getting started, reaching those goals is the way to completion. Staying On The Bandwagon is a presentation (approximately one hour) to promote sticking to the goals you set in order to live a life filled with purpose.

Workshops (online and offline):

  • how to create promo videos
  • how to create your own online platform
  • how to create email lists and build your audience


I am passionate in living with purpose and encouraging and equipping others to do so as well. I host seminars on topics which align with purposeful living. Such as:

  • Embracing technology on purpose
  • Purpose in the work place
  • Writing on purpose

For details and booking inquiries email me at: