Are you an aspiring author or artist, but just don’t know how to get your works out into the world? Or maybe you know someone in that boat. You will find the answer to this dilemma in my book, “Ya…But How: Online platform building for the very very beginner!”​

Step-by-step instructions and links to video tutorials will walk you through how to build a website and a blog, set up social media channels, and even create a promotional video like a book trailer.

Get Your Copy Of “Ya…But How?” (or even a copy for a gift) by clicking on your preferred distributor below: (US pricing) (Canadian pricing)
CreateSpace (US pricing)

Check out the book trailer:

Through your purchase of this book, you will help single parents further their education (after high school). A dollar from each “Ya…But How?” book sold will go to Haliburton Assistance for Single Parents–a charity for single parents in the county of Haliburton Ontario. This charity helps single parents with food, rent, teaching life skills, and more.

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