What an Oven has to Teach About Staying On Task


An oven has one job—to warm up then stay there until the task is done. If an oven stopped half way through, whatever is baking would come out half cooked. And then, when the oven fired back up, it would have to warm up yet again before it could resume cooking.

We often pick up a task with ambition and determination, then get half way through, and stop. When we come back to the task, weeks or months later, we need to warm up in order to get back to the point we left off. Momentum is lost, time is wasted, and frustration often steps in and the job is easily set aside once again.

Whenever possible, warm up to a task and stay turned on until it is complete.

Any suggestions on how to stay on task until a project is complete?

What a Dusting Cloth Has to Teach About Keeping Life Clean

dusting cloth

A micro-fiber cloth dusts a surface with its soft fibers, unlike some dusting cloths that leaves scratches behind.

We try our best to clean up our lives by setting goals and doing what it takes to meet them. But, sometimes our cleaning efforts leave scratches behind. Cleaning up unhealthy eating by adopting a strict diet leaves us hungry and eventually sabotages our efforts. Slashing all activities out at once in an attempt to balance life can leave us lost.

Of course it is important to make healthy changes in our lives, but we must be cautious that we are not overly ambitious at the beginning, only to set ourselves up for failure later on.

Move through goals in increments and you will keep life clean without leaving scratches behind.

What a Camera has to Teach About Focus


Most cameras operate in this manner: 1) bring your desired picture into view 2) pause, allowing the picture to come into focus (hold the button down half way or tap on the screen) 3) snap the picture.

In life, we are often in such a rush that we snap picture after picture without allowing them to come into focus. We have so many ambitions that we skip from one thing to the next, but never fully focus on any of it. We then end up with a life full of blurry pictures.

When we continuously bounce from one task, hobby or goal to another, we never have an opportunity to be proficient at anything specific.

Take the time to pause…bring your ambition into view…focus on it fully.

Any suggestions on how to bring your objectives into focus?

What a Puddle Has to Teach about Interpretation


After a heavy rain, puddles are left behind.

Why is it that as a grownup we see a puddle as a nuisance that messes up our car and makes everything mucky…yet a child gets excited and is ready to put on their rubber boots and dance in it?

There seems to be a point in life where we transition from roadblocks being positive opportunities, to them being burdens.

Perhaps if we look at trials with child’s eyes we will see more opportunities to dance in the puddles of life rather than cry over the muck.

Any suggestions on how to look at life’s muck with child’s eyes?

What a Speaker Has to Teach About Amplifying Your Message


If you were to stand in a noisy room and attempted to speak to the crowd, you likely would not be heard. But, if you plugged a microphone into a speaker, your voice would be amplified and would carry.

When you have a message on your heart which you are certain needs to be shared, persist in finding a way to amplify it. This does not mean you need to be a famous entertainer with an audience of millions. It simply means, if you have a story, message, or lesson which you deeply feel needs to be shared, pursue a way in getting it out. Begin by sharing the message within your circle, then embrace opportunities to grow your circle.

Take my friend Bobbi Junior for instance. She experienced the traumatic event of losing her newborn daughter. Many years later she has written the story, “When the Bough Breaks,” and shared it on her blog. She does not have a million followers. In fact she has quite a small following, but she shared it anyway by posting a chapter week by week. I know firsthand how her faithfulness to following through with sharing her message has impacted others.

Even if you are not a writer or public speaker, or are simply very shy, you can share your message simply by living it. As we all know, actions speak louder than words. Your actions in themselves can be the amplifier to your message.

Please share ways in which we can share the messages on our hearts.

Time to Grow

tomato plant

It is that time of year to start planting our gardens. In order to accommodate our rather short growing season, green houses start the growing process for us.

At the beginning of the season it is still a bit cool for these new plants though. They are used to the comfy, sheltered environment of the green house. During this transition time, plants tend to do best when brought into sunshine during the day, then brought back into the house at night until the night air and soil are at higher temperatures.

Just like these plants, we also need adjustment periods in order to grow. Often, one sets out to create a new healthy habit, and jumps in full force expecting to immediately take root.

But, when we come out of comforting, cozy, non-demanding habits and plant ourselves in vigorous activity, we wilt in immediate and extreme changes of environment.

May you not become discouraged during transition times. Know the day will come that you will be able to endure the change. Don’t give up during adjustment periods. Allow yourself time to grow.

Any suggestions on how to endure adjustment periods?

Light Your Intentions


A match is useless unless it is lit. You could stare at a match for a hundred years, but without taking action to strike it…it will never light.

In the same way, intentions are nothing unless you actually do what you intend to do. Intention without action is like staring at a match and expecting it to light. Planning, meaning, and aiming to do something is not going to get the task done, or even started.

Pick up your intentions and fire them into action.

Any tips on how to turn intentions into action?

An Invisible Difference

photo (5)

I didn’t realize how dusty the furniture was until I wiped it with the Swiffer. If I left the coffee table dusty, eventually someone would have noticed. But, when dusted on a regular basis, the effort which it takes to keep things clean usually goes undetected.

Life is funny that way. If things are left undone, eventually people notice. But good things that are done on a continual basis can go unrecognized and uncredited. This can leave the one putting in the effort, questioning if they should even bother.

Even without recognition though, it is the cleaning up of life’s dust bunnies that leaves this world a better place. If you stopped doing these little things—like smiling at strangers, holding open doors for others, straightening up after the family, and picking up garbage in the neighbourhood—it would be noticed.

Your little efforts do matter. Even if your attempts sometimes feel invisible, the world truly is a better place because of the little differences you make.

What seemingly invisible things can we do to make a positive difference in this world?

Temper Doorstopper

Door stopper

Do you ever lose your temper? Those times often end in regret, and the wish we had controlled ourselves.

A doorstop is in place in the event that the door is swung open in a frenzy. The doorstop prevents a hole from being put in the wall.

In the same way, we need to have a “doorstop” in place so we do not put holes in our life walls. Our temper door stopper may be a count to 10, a step outside, or a memorized diffusing scripture. Whatever you choose as your doorstop, plan ahead, so when this happens you are ready to stop the blow from putting holes in your walls.

Any suggestion for temper door-stoppers?

Protecting Your Surfaces

cutting board

A cutting board is placed on a countertop in order to protect it. In the same way, we need to lay down a protective layer in order to guard what is important to us. This protective layer is our morals, values and beliefs.

We are continually dealt choices to make. It can be challenging when faced with decisions…yet, if we keep our morals, values and beliefs in check we inherently protect our hearts and minds.

Can you think of a time when you faced a tough decision where you had to take a good look at what was important to you in order to come up with a decision?