My Story

Why hungry for purpose?

I started out thirsty. I believed that a series of accomplishments to achieve a “perfect” life would satisfy that thirst.

As a young single mom I was determined to demolish all odds that were stacked against me. I upgraded my high school, married, and then received a diploma at a technical school. I was of the first to be hired from my graduating class and my husband and I bought our first house together before I completed my first month of work. I wasn’t yet 25 by the time I was married with a family, house and career. I did all the things that one is “supposed to do”—perhaps not in the traditional order, but I got it done. At first I was very satisfied with my successes, but soon I withered into feelings of meaningless living. My stack of accomplishments did not quench my thirst for a full life. Rather, it produced intense hunger pains for something more. I was hungry for purpose. And as time went on I became hungrier and hungrier. I was desperate to figure out what I wanted in life.

Eventually it dawned on me that the question is not “what do I want to do?” but rather, “what am I created to do?” What slice of the ‘world pie’ has the Lord assigned to me? The full answer to this question will take a lifetime to unfold. It is becoming clear though that my experiences and understanding is to be used to feed those who are hungry for purpose.